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chair / стул, кресло, председатель
имя существительное
chair, stool, pew
chair, armchair, recliner, lounge
chairman, chairperson, president, chair, prolocutor
chair, pulpit, cathedra, lectern, rostrum, tribune
председательское место
preside, chair, chairman, moderate, be in the chair
lead, head, chair, spearhead, forge, forge ahead
ставить во главе
chair, set over
стоять во главе
chair, manage
поднимать и нести на стуле
имя существительное
the person in charge of a meeting or organization (used as a neutral alternative to chairman or chairwoman).
a three-year term as the board’s deputy chair
a professorship.
he held a chair in physics
a particular seat in an orchestra.
she was fourth-chair trumpet
a metal socket holding a railroad rail in place.
act as chairperson of or preside over (an organization, meeting, or public event).
The meeting was chaired by the President who welcomed a full attendance of members.
carry (someone) aloft in a chair or in a sitting position to celebrate a victory.
So magical had been his performance that he was chaired from the ground by his opponents as well as his own team-members!
As Lord Cloncurry was departing, there was an universal cry to chair him into town, and he was surrounded for that purpose by a large group of gentlemen near the gate of the Old Man's Hospital.
Tapping his fingers impatiently on the chair 's armrest, Tom considered his options.
He sank into the comfortable swivel chair behind the counter and put his feet up.
At the trial the man is sent down for murder and seeing as it's Texas he's sent to the electric chair .
O'Rian wasn't elevated to chair of the local authority before now.
One by one, states are pulling the plug on the chair s popularly known as Old Sparky.
to chair a meeting
Britain must use its position as chair of the G8 and its presidency of the EU in 2005 to push real reform through those bodies.
At the completion of the game, Warne lapped up yet another standing ovation from the 79,000-strong crowd, the champ responding in kind, bowing and blowing kisses to the crowd before a futile attempt to chair him off the ground.
For the school board chair , the focus should be on the response behind the event.