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chainsaw / бензопила
имя существительное
имя существительное
a mechanical power-driven cutting tool with teeth set on a chain that moves around the edge of a blade.
Ice-divers in Canada use chainsaws , but a chainsaw would not be much use on a wreck.
When the design is finalised, Paul moves in with his chainsaw .
That is the case with dangerous tools, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws , and automobiles.
Here the construction never ceases: chainsaws , lawn mowers, and leaf blowers are in perpetual motion, as if there were no days, and never Sundays.
He uses green timber, and works as a sculptor, with chainsaws and blow torches, celebrating the grain of the wood.
She was currently what can only be described as hacking the beast up, using the delicate surgery use tools like hatchets and chainsaws .
The rest bring their own pruning saws, chainsaws , rakes, trimmers, blowers and whatever else is needed and do the work that is set out in the yearly planner.
I use chainsaws and sanders - working with those for hours can really do you in.
I should state that I work with chainsaws , axes, and many sharp tools.
Labor's newest recruit has given support to a proposed pulp mill, but wants chainsaws kept away from the state's oldest timber.
They took lawn mowers, strimmers, chainsaws , as well as drills and tools totalling about £3,000.