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chain-smoke / непрерывно курить, закуривать от папиросы
непрерывно курить
закуривать от папиросы
smoke continually, especially by lighting a new cigarette from the butt of the last one smoked.
I spent my working hours chain-smoking cigarettes and looking through the packs of developed photographs before the customers returned for them.
High-roller gamblers from Asia tend to chain-smoke , which has traditionally gone hand-in-hand with drinking and gambling.
It's a bit of an odd casting choice considering that in the comics he's a ragged, chain-smoking , working class Brit with blonde hair.
Most of the women were chain-smoking , and everyone was drinking.
It now seems almost certain that the once fun-loving, chain-smoking , hard-drinking Royal socialite will bow out of public life.
Marge's chain-smoking , DMV-working sister, Selma, feels the tick of her biological clock.
You chain-smoked cigarettes, throughout the night.
An archetypal loner who chain-smokes , drives when drunk and rarely has a fresh pint of milk in the fridge, he is dysfunction personified.
Not only was she one of the first chain-smokers , but she actually smoked in the street, was known to link arms with servants, and bicycled wearing Liberty frocks.
I found even my good days weighing around my shoulders, with their own distinct smell wafting around my head like the scent that follows chain-smokers .
Upstairs, reporters jammed into a tiny antechamber, the shaggy cameramen and newspaper photographers chain-smoking and the lady reporters chattering nervously.