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chaff / мякина, высевки, сечка
имя существительное
chaff, pug
bran, screenings, chaff, scourings, sharp
chaff, chop, hatchet
joke, poke fun, banter, chaff, hoax, jolly
tease, chaff
tease, badger, pick on, vex, rib, chaff
имя прилагательное
straw, strawy, chaff, stramineous, flaxen
имя существительное
the husks of corn or other seed separated by winnowing or threshing.
Spikes were threshed and florets (hereafter called seeds) separated from chaff by sieving and forced-air separation.
lighthearted joking; banter.
Made us roar in the mess, though I've had to put up with a certain amount of good-natured chaff about having a father who reads the Guardian, let alone writes for it!
Manda had a feeling he enjoyed chaffing Michael and making his life miserable, but she had no idea why.
I'm one of you, folks - I've been there, but you must truly be careful and expose chaff where it exists.
The one in the D seat handles the airplane's defensive systems, responsible for electronic counter-jamming of enemy radars trying to lock onto the bomber and punching chaff or flares if an enemy gets a shot off at them.
If there are weed seeds, weed debris, chaff or non-grain material, clean the grain before putting it into the bins.
Initially, we flew pure chaff missions where instead of bombs we were loaded with boxes and boxes of chaff that we dumped while circling over the target before the bombers got there.
Most morality and the things which provoke the ‘Angry of Tunbridge Wells’ letters are all just chaff when compared to the real things which have been sorted out and the things which do need sorting out in the world.
I think the real danger if you take them off a balancer or trace element supplement and just feed them chaff or local stuff then they can become short of breath.
The village girls spit out the chaff as they winnow with wooden forks and sing about their dowry jewels.
For operational roles, the aircraft is fitted with a radar warning receiver, chaff and flares dispensers, and active electronic countermeasures.
To keep the radiator from plugging up with seeds and chaff , we wrapped it and the grill with window screen.
It takes an incisive professional to cut through all this self-indulgent chaff to bring you the priceless kernel of truth, so here goes…