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chafe / раздражаться, натирать, бередить
chafe, fume, peeve
rub, chafe, rub up
chafe, irritate
имя существительное
irritation, annoyance, exasperation, anger, annoying, chafe
abrasion, scratch, excoriation, raw, chafe, erosion
имя существительное
wear or damage caused by rubbing.
to prevent chafe the ropes should lie flat
a state of annoyance.
No: I could not but smile through my chafe : For the fellow lay safe As his mates do, the midge and the nit, ---Through minuteness, to wit. ...
(of something restrictive or too tight) make (a part of the body) sore by rubbing against it.
the collar chafed his neck
rub (a part of the body) to restore warmth or sensation.
A shiver passed through Darius, and he began to chafe his arms to push some warmth back into them.
become or make annoyed or impatient because of a restriction or inconvenience.
the bank chafed at the restrictions imposed upon it
Check for upper radiator hose wear as it sits near an engine-mounting bolt and can chafe .
The further down the dock you can lead the lines, the less acute the angle and the less the chafe .
They chafe at labeling as pathological qualities that may be merely irritating.
Look, prithee, Charmian, How this herculean Roman does become the carriage of his chafe .
Instead, I have put just a little vaseline on to prevent chafe before really long runs.
Also, check your main reef lines to prevent chafe to the sailcloth that may be pinched between the line and the boom.
These people mean business and can be stopped only with tanks or by buying them larger t-shirts that don't chafe the nipples.
These will absorb an awful lot of chafe, and if they do chafe though, veer just a little more line and a new piece of hose will be in the chock to take the chafe .
Now you have a double bridle that, unlike a single rope bridle, will not quickly chafe through.
Y'all disenfranchise and marginalize the black man and you expect him to bear his chafe ?