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chador / чадра
имя существительное
veil, chador, yashmak
имя существительное
a large piece of cloth that is wrapped around the head and upper body leaving only the face exposed, worn especially by Muslim women.
Her tales are told through panoramas of opposites: the desert and the sea; the architecture of East and West; and women of Islam in black chadors and Muslim men in crisp white shirts.
It's dangerous because it makes the veil/burqa / chador a political statement of what the oppressive West is about.
It's not the full-blown burka or the chador that is at issue, but the simple, elegant headscarf with which Muslim women in France cover their hair, ears and throat.
In Iran, only the most devout Muslim women wear a chador , the all-encompassing, usually black, shroud.
The devout Muslim women of Bosnia have not traditionally worn the chador familiar in fundamentalist Muslim countries.
Even the most devout Muslim women in Bosnia do not wear the traditional chador worn by women in Arab countries.
Though it was common for women to wear the hijab, typically a loose overcoat and head scarf, the chador was the mark of women from strict Muslim families.
Her head is uncovered; she is wearing a dirty caftan instead of a chador .
Repression, fatalism, and passivity, social marginalization, veiled erotic promise, inspiration, heroism, mercilessness, and danger converge in a single female figure dressed in a chador .
When they came for the Muslim women in their chadors , I did not speak up because I was not a Muslim woman in a chador.
Squabbles broke out at one mosque between women dressed in Islamic black chadors , who wanted to have separate queues from men, and women with more open headscarves and long coats.