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cha-cha / ча-ча-ча
имя существительное
cha-cha, cha-cha-cha
имя существительное
a ballroom dance with small steps and swaying hip movements, performed to a Latin American rhythm.
Latin dance - mambo, cha-cha , rumba, samba, tango, and so on - are Afro-Euro forms defined by the coming together of black, brown, and white peoples in the Americas.
dance the cha-cha.
‘You mean,’ I said, trying not to laugh, ‘that you don't cha-cha , boogie, or swing?’
Brown, who has been a member of the Australian Ballet and the Sydney Dance Company, has taken extra dance classes in the cha-cha and mambo to make sure he does justice to Patrick Swayze's hip movements, made famous in the film.
For the mambo, cha-cha , merengue, and the traditional rhythmic dance the son, each dancer moved vigorously yet effortlessly, even as the tempo changed.
his feet begin to move in an unmistakable cha-cha
Damon's dark outline is by a large stereo, which he promptly flips on to an upbeat cha-cha tune and turns.
Sergeant Garcia harmoniously combines salsa, son, cha-cha , ska, rumba and reggae when he brings his spicy and invigorating mix of the best Cuban and Jamaican beats to the Brewery Arts Centre, in Kendal, on Saturday from 8.30 pm.
In this narrative concept, couples and singles play out relationships through qualities inherent in the dances - the flirty rhythms of cha-cha or the tense architecture of the tango, for instance.
You know, computers are getting so clever that they seem a bit like those pianos where you push a button and it plays the rumba, then a cha-cha and so on.
But after just a few months doing the rumba and the cha-cha together, he went a step further and proposed to Austrian-born Babette.
The next hour is spent dancing the tango, the waltz the rumba, the cha-cha and jive.
‘You mean,’ I said, trying not to laugh, ‘that you don't cha-cha , boogie, or swing?’