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cesspit / выгребная яма, помойная яма
имя существительное
выгребная яма
cesspool, sinkhole, sump, cesspit, sink
помойная яма
имя существительное
a pit for the disposal of liquid waste and sewage.
When the great social reformer Lord Shaftesbury visited one house, he went into the cellar - where a family was living - and found that the sewage from a nearby cesspit had leaked right under their floor boards.
Whether you think Montreal is a stinking cesspit wallowing knee-deep in its own filth or believe that our island's a green gem, next Monday, April 19, is your opportunity to voice your views to the person who has to listen.
I will have to maintain an aura of dignity even if I am thrown into a cesspit .
They quickly discovered that the barracks hospital had been constructed over a contaminated cesspit and that the patients were literally wallowing in their own sewage.
The two men in dark glasses descended from the truck and asked him if his toilet cesspit was full.
the affair threatened to be a cesspit of scandal
We showed them our caravans, our day rooms, our cesspit and our toilets and they told my father that all he had to do was plant a row of three trees to shield us from the road.
Don't listen to him - he reckons that every city is a hellish cesspit of hatred and evil.
No wonder some people now think that Fairfax Press, to which this paper belongs, is an intellectual cesspit .
the affair threatened to be a cesspit of scandal
Sometimes the world looks like a total cesspit , you would hope that God would want to change that.