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cession / уступка, передача
имя существительное
concession, cession, rebate, transfer, acquiescence, grant
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, cession
имя существительное
the formal giving up of rights, property, or territory, especially by a state.
the cession of twenty important towns
Most Chickasaws settled primarily in three or four towns in the fertile BlackBelt Prairie (approximately 70 km east of Oxford) throughout most of the historic period before cession .
No less certain is that the Israeli army will keep having plenty of work to do, Israeli civilians will keep being endangered, and that the unilateral cession of Gaza set it all in motion.
Article One was meaningful in 1840, both as a mark of consent and formal cession , and to signify to other colonial powers that this patch was taken, but it's difficult to see its relevance now in anything but a historical sense.
Strategically speaking, the Florida cession closed a vulnerable point in American coastal defenses.
If there was a special cessions protection, each cession of $2m would go to that treaty and the vertical limit of $5m would not matter; there would be no accumulations.
the cession of twenty important towns
Its task was to ratify not only the annexation of the new territories, but the cession of Nice and Savoy, which had been decided by treaty on 24 March 1860 and endorsed, under the eyes of French troops, by plebiscite.
Consequently, although now out of order and, as a treaty of cession , of a different character, the Walla Walla Treaty became the first legal step in addressing and altering this situation.
Outside this geographical core were many different types of attached or dependent territories, where links with the UK originated in migrations of peoples of British stock, or in variations of conquest or cession .
But it's become pretty conspicuous since WWII, and became entrenched with the unconstitutional cession of power to the President in the War Powers Act.