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cerumen / ушная сера
имя существительное
ушная сера
earwax, cerumen, wax
This is particularly important for patients with unusually viscous cerumen , a narrowed external auditory canal or systemic allergies, especially in those who are immunosuppressed.
The most common causes of hearing loss are aging, viral infection, exposure to loud sounds and impacted cerumen or ear wax.
Patients were excluded if their auditory canals were obstructed with cerumen or if they had contraindications to rectal or ear temperatures.
If the cerumen is difficult to remove, a ceruminolytic agent such as Cerumenex or even a simple 4 percent baking soda solution should be used in the office to soften the cerumen first to avoid traumatizing the external auditory canal.
Cerumen removal is essential for visualization of the tympanic membrane, and some type of curette should be used to remove cerumen .
Earwax, or cerumen , consists of saturated, long-chain fatty acids and is presumably high in energy.
Good otoscopic illumination, cerumen removal and attention to the position and mobility of the tympanic membrane (rather than only to the color) are important for an accurate diagnosis.
An otoscope should be used to examine the external auditory canal for cerumen , foreign bodies, and abnormalities of the canal skin.
There are many precipitants of this infection, but the most common is excessive moisture that elevates the pH and removes the cerumen .
The glands that produce ear ‘wax’ or cerumen are located in the external auditory meatus.