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certitude / уверенность, несомненность
имя существительное
confidence, assurance, certainty, conviction, reliance, certitude
имя существительное
absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case.
the question may never be answered with certitude
They were given with absolute certitude , a staccato recitation of poll numbers, grand strategy, and historical analogies.
It should grow in self confidence and regain its lost conviction and certitude in its own faith: a conviction which enabled the ancient Muslims to meet all temporal challenges.
People are looking for the clear answers, right and wrong, to give certitude in the time of great uncertainty, when no one knows what will happen next.
the question may never be answered with certitude
the question may never be answered with certitude
Certainly in this book, his fine poems about his family represent an enquiry into his own roots, a questioning of his own motives, which is lacking in his earlier and middle poems with their pristine certitude .
This does not mean that we should reject the findings of those efforts outright; they are helpful to an extent, but they ultimately cannot achieve the level of certitude that historians of a more positivist age claimed for them.
‘The moral certitude of the radicals was awesome,’ Field says.
True, certitude of convictions can signify moral strength, but that's so rare.
But I think - okay, I also hope - that Voegelin is right to suggest that, in the modern world, sincere faith reduces rather than increases the risk of excessive existential certitude .