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certificate / сертификат, удостоверение, свидетельство
имя существительное
certificate, certification, ticket
certificate, evidence, testimony, witness, document, attestation
certify, verify, attest, authenticate, prove, certificate
выдавать свидетельство
имя существительное
an official document attesting a certain fact, in particular.
The customer then receives a certificate attesting to the fact that its material has been shredded.
provide with or attest in an official document.
What the FAA has told us is that we would be permitted to use our ‘existing fleet’ of tow planes, for the life of those aircraft, provided that they were certificated as Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft.
Gall read the document and discovered that the Army pathologist who signed the certificate had checked ‘homicide’ as the cause of death.
A title certificate , that shows ownership, will be available, along with an identification number; it can be printed as needed.
There was a transfer recorded on the certificate of title.
A short certificate of birth can then be issued.
Her power lies in her refusal even to ‘name’ him on her own certificate of birth.
It was a curiosity that it was the second mortgagee who, in fact, produced the certificate of title to enable the registration of the mortgage.
The IPPA certificate guarantees consumers that the retailer is independently audited and sells fresh Irish chicken with no added water or additives of any kind.
They claimed they own part of the site covered by Mr Docking's planning application and that he failed to notify them of his plans and incorrectly completed a certificate of ownership to state that he owned the whole site.
Also, students who successfully complete the third level certificate and diploma courses will have the option to progress to university degree level.
graduate certificate in information technology