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certainty / уверенность, несомненный факт
имя существительное
confidence, assurance, certainty, conviction, reliance, security
несомненный факт
имя существительное
firm conviction that something is the case.
she knew with absolute certainty that they were dead
But we look forward to the day when we can welcome your nation into the community of free societies of the world, for we know with deepest certainty that such a day will come.
If success is a certainty , where is the challenge?
One speculates; the other not only states a rise as a certainty , it presents the fact unmoored from any other economic factors.
Inevitably, bully boy Elvis is a nailed-on certainty for the role.
That's a certainty ; that's definitely going to happen.
We had thought, as we say in paragraph 3 of our skeleton argument, that it would aid clarity and certainty if your Lordships retained, in a sense, charge of the exact scope of the liberty to apply.
But when that day finally arrives, we know with absolute certainty that she will be there with open arms to greet us, and our reunion as a family will be glorious.
Colm Begley came in to make a real impression again as an attacking half back and he looks a certainty to start against Offaly or Louth while Donie Brennan as always made his presence felt.
The element of knowledge is an actual awareness but is not the knowledge of an existing fact or an inevitable certainty .
New Labour's lack of coherence and certainty means that it too can be buffeted about on waves of anxiety over terrorism or foot-and-mouth disease, so that the insecurity spreads from the top down.