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certain / определенный, некоторый, некий
имя прилагательное
certain, definite, specific, determined, given, distinct
some, certain
certain, some
sure, confident, certain, assured, positive, secure
right, true, faithful, loyal, correct, certain
имя существительное
fact, thing, certain, matter of fact, deed
нечто несомненное
имя прилагательное
known for sure; established beyond doubt.
it's certain that more changes are in the offing
specific but not explicitly named or stated.
he raised certain personal problems with me
some but not all.
certain of his works have been edited
OK, that was a bit strong, and I am actually much less certain about the issue than that.
If one thing is certain about the war in Iraq, it is that lawyers are making a packet.
Take out a piece of paper and write down the things you are pretty much certain about.
Surely that would be as big a torment to the families of his victims as the certain knowledge that they will never know.
Yet, they keep winning, whilst certain pretenders have experienced a few slips.
His job is not to convince them to vote for him on Tuesday in the first ballot - he is almost certain to win that vote.
And this was a plagiarism from a certain Mr. "Toe" King, so called from this invention!
He also relied upon certain paragraphs in the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State.
If Asda does push ahead with the new format, it is certain to test the concept first.
Foreigners know that you need experience in your field to able to have a certain job.