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cerise / светло-вишневый цвет
имя существительное
светло-вишневый цвет
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a bright or deep red color.
a shade of vivid cerise
She sat front and center, her long, blood red hair dripping to the ground in beautifully combed strands of cerise .
a bright cerise suit
Containers are planted with geraniums and petunias in Ann's favorite colors - pink, lavender, and cerise .
a bright cerise suit
Its common name, star cluster, refers to the myriad little florets that combine to form the main flower, in shades of pink, mauve, white and cerise .
The EZ-Grips however are the complete opposite; they glow so bright they are almost cerise in colour.
Its two theatres - the Lyric and the Quays - are decorated in deep purple and deep cerise respectively, with lobbies in vibrant orange.
The camellia family displays pinks in all their many shades, from coral to dark cerise .
They are offered as separate colours, pale pink, white, cerise and violet, or as a collection.
We were driving around Speyside the other day looking for bonny purple heather and found that the hillsides were blanketed with the dull cerise of willow-herb.