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ceremonious / церемонный, церемониальный, чопорный
имя прилагательное
ceremonious, formal
ceremonial, ceremonious
prim, stiff, smug, starchy, stand-offish, ceremonious
имя прилагательное
relating or appropriate to grand and formal occasions.
a Great Hall where ceremonious and public appearances were made
Ironically, before giving the speech, he sings, as a ceremonious prelude to the lynching, ‘O Death,’ a song made popular (in addition to being sung here) by bluegrass superstar Ralph Stanley.
Manning's prime ambition, on the other hand, is to occupy the Red House, and behind the galvanised paling surrounding the south of the Red House, workmen are quietly and feverishly preparing for his ceremonious entrance.
The funeral of Cataridge had been brief, but ceremonious .
At the end of the aisle Chief Marcett waited, dressed in ceremonious white robes and shelled necklaces.
The trembling, querulous voice should have been enough to shatter the ceremonious moment, but, somehow, it was not.
Even though Lance may hoist a ceremonious champagne toast while cruising to victory on the Tour's last day, cyclists never should ride under the influence of alcohol.
While Jacques Chirac hugged the other leaders present at the gathering, to British Prime Minister Tony Blair he reportedly managed only a ceremonious handshake.
Unlike the comparatively ceremonious animated cartoons, early Schulz is giddy with unimportance.
Dr. Westbank offered the operating scissors to Mac to sever the umbilical cord, a ceremonious thing that Mac was completely unaware of, but he did it anyway.
There, the real weapons and armor of the Great Feihong hung - not the ceremonious and decorative ones in the Hall, although they too could be wielded and worn.