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cereal / зерновой, злаковый, хлебный
имя прилагательное
cereal, corn, corny
cereal, corny
имя существительное
хлебный злак
porridge, cereal, kasha, squash
имя существительное
a grain used for food, such as wheat, oats, or corn.
The inclusion rates of finely ground feed should be kept to a minimum (for example, ground cereals , maize gluten).
low yields for cereal crops
It's more the kind of book that lives on the kitchen table for a time, to be picked up and flipped through over breakfast cereal .
a bowl of cereal
Though it played on my mind for some time, I decided that I was not going to purchase my usual choice of Hubbards breakfast cereal .
There was plenty of milk, but no breakfast cereal to enjoy it with.
There in the kitchen, they made a feeble breakfast of cereal and milk.
One vet dealt with an iguana which had been fed on breakfast cereal and milk and kept loose in a bedroom with no source of ultraviolet light.
Only in America could a café sell just breakfast cereal .
The pair struck up a solid partnership, living together under the same roof and talking football over breakfast cereal and late night takeaways.
Smoothies make for a great alternative from cereal and toast at breakfast.