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century / век, столетие, центурия
имя существительное
century, age, time, epoch
century, centenary
имя существительное
a period of one hundred years.
a century ago most people walked to work
a company in the ancient Roman army, originally of one hundred men.
Centurions took their title from the fact that they commanded a century .
a bicycle race of one hundred miles.
the nation's largest single-day century ride
In the fifth century Christianity had conquered Paganism, and Paganism had infected Christianity.
For a full list of batsmen who scored a century on Test debut, click here.
It consists of thirteen chapters of the Markandeya Purana which probably dates back to the fifth century of the Christian era.
eighteenth century poetry
the fifteenth century
The dryness of the region helped explain the fine condition of the textiles, which date from the third century BC.
The two statues are generally believed to date from the fifth century but some believe they may be of later origin.
Sadly for Jack Hyams, the number refers to his age rather than his score in his latest attempt to be the only batsman to score a century in eight consecutive decades.
In the third century before Christ's birth, China is a collection of seven warring states that have yet to unite into one country.
The Legion's NCOs were 60 Centurions, long-serving professional soldiers who each commanded a century of 80 men.