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centuple / стократный
имя прилагательное
hundredfold, centuple, centuplicate
увеличивать в сто раз
centuple, centuplicate
умножать на сто
centuple, centuplicate
multiply by a hundred or by a large amount.
they were centupling the national debt
I mean, if it's doubled when there are two of you, then it must be tripled when there are three, quadrupled when there are four, centupled when there are a hundred, right?
A sporting duke may fancy that the state depends on the House of Lords, but the engineer sees, that every stroke of the steam-piston gives value to the duke's land, fills it with tenants; doubles, quadruples, centuples the duke's capital, and creates new measures and new necessities for the culture of his children.
Now, the living cells involved in a single vaccine pock amount to many thousands in number, any one of which is capable of passing on the disease to the organism, and it can make no difference whatsoever whether or not the number of primarily infected cells be tripled or centupled .
He was so helpless that even flight seemed of no use; and though she kept on whispering, ‘Go to Doramin, go to Doramin,’ with feverish insistence, he realised that for him there was no refuge from that loneliness which centupled all his dangers except - in her.
These qualities may come to the fore again in an office where their value would be centupled .