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centrefold / сфальцованная вклейка
имя существительное
сфальцованная вклейка
centerfold, centrefold
This edition includes The Firebird as its centrefold story.
An addition this time to her print offering is a centrefold that explains the basic dance poses and mudras.
I'm just a regular jackassed geek and really not worthy of a centrefold spread.
Willis mimes the act of unfurling a centrefold .
a centrefold poster
Considering one of the postcards she's sent contains an image worthy of a Penthouse centrefold , I'm amazed they weren't censored by Australia Post too.
It simply becomes impossible for women to be equally competitive in sports that include female athletes as centerfolds , spread-eagled and airbrushed, in the middle of every player's official rule book.
Elle laid out the centerfold layout with a flourish on the table in the Lit magazine office.
But now that you mention it, yes, one particularly nasty piece of business does stand out like a quarter-sized hairy mole on the airbrushed cheek of a Playboy centerfold .
He wouldn't wince, not even when you pursed your lips in a pose worthy of a centerfold (of what magazine, you weren't sure).