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centralize / централизовать, централизоваться
concentrate (control of an activity or organization) under a single authority.
a vast superstructure of centralized control
the ultimate goal is to centralize boxing under one umbrella
In fact, while dismantling public and social services and gutting environmental regulations, the Tories have moved to centralize power in the hands of the provincial government and increase the repressive powers of the state.
English governments were keen to centralize the control of colonial matters, and charters were sometimes revoked in favour of direct rule.
There was a need for the Authority to centralize power in order to deliver effectively in the form of tangible results of the peace process.
Under increasing demands from the environment, organizations tend to centralize control and, like individuals, filter information more heavily.
She pushed the regional offices to consolidate from 13 to 4, and established shared processing centers to centralize certain tasks and make their cost structures more scalable with demand.
The adroitness and patience of a long line of monarchs and royal ministers, who moved gradually but steadily to centralize both authority and power in their own hands, were crowned with unimaginable success.
In the modern state, authority is centralized in one legally supreme government, and people live under the standard laws of that government.
‘There is an argument for centralising the work of the Circuit Court but there is no valid reason why people should have to leave their area to do the work of the district court,’ said Deputy Ring.
A process of centralization and concentration took place in all spheres of human society.