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central / центральный, главный, центровой
имя прилагательное
central, focal, centric, pivotal, nodal, midland
main, major, chief, principal, primary, central
имя существительное
центральная телефонная станция
central telephone station, central, exchange
имя прилагательное
of, at, or forming the center.
the station has a central courtyard
of the greatest importance; principal or essential.
his preoccupation with American history is central to his work
имя существительное
a place with a high concentration of a specified type of person or thing.
you're in workaholic central here
It fears that the current proposals for the establishment of a central services organisation hand too much power to its commercial rivals.
A formal announcement would be made today after Hu was elected in Jiang's place by the 198 members of the central committee, the Post said.
All the issues likely to be central to the presidential race were discussed at length.
Votes are counted incrementally on the spot and reported to a central location.
she lives in central Dublin
Unlike many parts of Scotland, Stirling is not categorised as an area requiring assistance from central government.
That is, when you have a central organization, you tell people what to do and it's supposed to be all explicit.
This ensures attendance information gathered will be recorded in, and accessible from, a central application.
These promises were central to a campaign to win a UN Security Council seat.
The central area was surprisingly quiet compared, say, to York's Stonegate, but it soon became clear why.