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centipede / сороконожка, многоножка
имя существительное
centipede, millipede, millepede, multiped
имя существительное
a predatory myriapod invertebrate with a flattened elongated body composed of many segments. Most segments bear a single pair of legs.
Some arthropods, like the centipedes , millipedes, and insects, have legs with a single branch (uniramous appendages).
A hospital spokesman said: ‘Squirrels have been a problem in the roofspace of the low rise block of the offices on West Park, along with occasional visits from birds, wasps and centipedes .’
In their burrows, funnel-webs face aggressive predators such as centipedes and king crickets.
There were scorpions inside jars, and papers were cluttered underneath them; drawings of spiders, centipedes , and large ants.
The arthropodes, like centipedes , beetles, millipedes and worms, bring in the finishing touches to complete the composting.
Curiously, the number of trunk segments in centipedes is always odd.
Although the burrows with the trapdoor provide protection against most natural enemies e.g. wasps and centipedes , some are still able to invade the burrows and additional defense mechanisms are used to overcome this problem.
Insects mined and bored every bit of wood and leaf, while centipedes and millipedes crawled all over.
These tiny myriapods generally resemble very small centipedes .
Yet, as Yearley has observed, it is difficult to convince the general public that species such as spiders and centipedes are as worthy of conservation as brightly coloured birds or appealing mammals.
The rubbish also attracted beetles, flies, centipedes and millipedes.