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centigrade / стоградусный, разделенный на сто градусов
имя прилагательное
разделенный на сто градусов
по стоградусной шкале
the centigrade scale
Temperatures in the shady old town never rise above 25 degrees centigrade .
The choice of temperatures was based on the fact that the cells were caught at approximately 25 degrees centigrade and grown into clonal populations at 21-24 degrees centigrade .
We can be confident that water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade under conditions of normal pressure in Jerusalem in the fifth century CE, just as it did in nineteenth century Chicago.
The organizer has built a large refrigerator covering 1,500 square metres and temperature inside is kept below minus 14 centigrade degrees.
Germany is also approaching its record of 40 degrees centigrade hit back in 1983.
It was a hot, cloudless and humid day, 27 degrees centigrade , with a light south-easterly wind.
Day-time temperatures are frequently in the low twenties centigrade but, once night falls, they plummet to minus ten or even below that in a matter of minutes.
The 40 degrees centigrade heat, high humidity and long hours all take their toll on crews.
The Fassenon nuclear plant in eastern France was just two degrees centigrade away from an emergency shutdown, forcing technicians to hose down one of the reactors.