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centerpiece / главное украшение, орнамент на середине, ваза в центре стола
имя существительное
главное украшение
орнамент на середине
ваза в центре стола
имя существительное
a decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or serving table.
Noelle lifted her eyes from the table's centerpiece , a flower display.
Set a number of bundles in a large wooden bread bowl and display at the entry or as a table centerpiece .
She decided that once she had made her full circle, she would return to the parlor and make a lovely bouquet for a table centerpiece .
the tower is the centerpiece of the park
The centerpiece of the display is an exquisite turquoise and silver concha belt.
Around this centerpiece was a small area of smooth marble tile, reaching out a few feet towards the beauty of the garden.
In the middle of the table was a centerpiece put together with white roses.
Setting the platter down as the table centerpiece , the cook returned to the kitchen to bring out stale bread and cheap wine.
Noelle lifted her eyes from the table's centerpiece , a flower display.
You can use towels or blankets to wrap around the outside of each layer and add a teddy bear or other centerpiece on top of the diaper cake.
Partially fill a plastic cauldron with hot water, and then add dry ice and a glow stick to create an eerie centerpiece for your table.