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center / центр, середина, средоточие
имя существительное
center, heart, focus, core, headquarters, nucleus
middle, mean, center, medium, midst, inside
center, focus, centre
center, centre
center, centre
concentrate, center, concentre, center on, centre
имя существительное
the middle point of a circle or sphere, equidistant from every point on the circumference or surface.
She was so angered by this thought that she had changed forms and was halfway to the center of the circle before she realized what she was doing.
the point from which an activity or process is directed, or on which it is focused.
the city was a center of discontent
a place or group of buildings where a specified activity is concentrated.
a center for medical research
have or cause to have something as (a major concern or theme).
the case centers around the couple's adopted children
place in the middle.
to center the needle, turn the knob
In fact, all the stars are moving, in orbit around the galactic center and also shifting relative to each other with their own peculiar velocity components.
Each bike has the same measurement from saddle tip to the center of the stem/handlebar.
Pumbeditha was for centuries a center of Jewish religious/intellectual activity.
They will pass or center the ball back and forth until a fair assessment has been made for each individual.
Morgan may have to wait months to find a rotation in a dialysis center with the care available at MCP.
The peak in the center of this surface represented the large estimate of genetic variance in the E3 environment.
Mark a circle in the center of the paper to allow the air to pass through.
These pressure distributions apply a side force to the hammer piston which strives to center the hammer piston in the guide.
The divine figure suckling adolescents, the widest plaque and situated almost in the center , dominates this side.
The defender's leg could be likened to a pendulum with the hip as the center of rotation.