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cent / цент, гроши
имя существительное
peanuts, cent
имя существительное
a monetary unit of the US, Canada, and various other countries, equal to one hundredth of a dollar, euro, or other decimal currency unit.
How many cents equal one dollar is not something that is subject to fluctuations.
one hundredth of a half step.
In a melodic half step, no "tendency was perceived of the lower tone toward the ... and diatonic semitones are 76.0490 and 117.108 cents wide respectively.
The slot machines have been a huge hit, but Charles swears he hasn't kept a cent of the money they've made.
On the money markets, the US dollar recovered almost 1 cent against the euro to close at $1.0780 against $1.09 two days ago.
I can't save a cent after paying boarding fees and for meals.
We don't have so much as a cent of Rethan money, we don't hold a particular office in the hierarchy of this world, and we don't have information that could be used by someone else.
It asked for not one cent of provincial money, and in fact was required to pay a ‘negative subsidy’ of some $30 million a year to the province.
When she did he told her that Chris had signed the papers but he wasn't going to give her a cent of his money but he did want to see her one last time before they went their separate ways for good.
I didn't pocket a single cent of taxpayers' money.
Every cent of this money is being spent on those that need it.
I can invest every cent of taxpayers' money in waste facilities, but that alone will not solve the problem.
she saved every cent possible