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cellular / клеточный, ячеистый, пористый
имя прилагательное
cellular, honeycomb, alveolar, cellulate, meshy
porous, cellular, spongy, honeycombed, vesicular, mushy
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or consisting of living cells.
cellular proliferation
denoting or relating to a mobile telephone system that uses a number of short-range radio stations to cover the area that it serves, the signal being automatically switched from one station to another as the user travels about.
A user of the cellular telephone generates a preliminary message including an Internet e-mail address for the Internet station.
(of a fabric item, such as a blanket or vest) knitted so as to form holes or hollows that trap air and provide extra insulation.
I was lying below a cellular blanket and I have never felt so cosy or secure in my adult life.
consisting of small compartments or rooms.
cellular accommodations
The user equipment may be based on a set-top box and television, a personal computer, a cellular telephone with a display, or other such devices.
The office space is mainly open plan but has some cellular offices and meeting rooms.
When the cells are fused they become one hybrid cell with shared cellular contents, including two sets of genes.
Wound healing is an essential and complicated process in which several types of cells and cellular messengers interact.
In summary, our present study showed an increased risk for brain tumors among users of analog cellular telephones.
Depletion of cellular glutathione levels sensitizes cells to the toxic effects of these carcinogens.
Endothelial cells and mononuclear phagocytes are likely cellular mediators of lung IRI.
These cells create a cellular and molecular barrier at the site of injury, called the glial scar.
There was no evidence adduced about finding any other drug paraphernalia, weapons, cellular telephones, or pagers.
There are also a number of meeting rooms, conference rooms, cellular offices and kitchen facilities.