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cellar / погреб, подвал, винный погреб
имя существительное
cellar, vault
basement, cellar, vault
винный погреб
wine cellar, cellar, wine-vault
хранить в подвале
хранить в погребе
имя существительное
a room below ground level in a house, typically one used for storing wine or coal.
Why do new Irish houses have no cellars or utility rooms?
store (wine) in a cellar.
Gamay juice also tends to be vinified in a hurry, not least because of market pressure for Beaujolais nouveau, and if Gamay-based wines are cellared for more than two or three years it is usually by mistake.
All of this does nothing at all to explain why the vast majority of the wines in my cellar today are from Europe.
I personally will make sure the wine cellar is fully stocked when we next meet.
People would drink the poor vintage until a better one came along, but no one would buy up cases and cellar them away to age.
He hid in a corner of a dark, dank little cellar .
Place them in a dark, cool cellar where they will dry out and become dormant.
a wine cellar
So she might either mark up the wines, projecting their worth in five years down the road and price them accordingly, or instead cellar them.
Will the wine cellar be stocked from the regular supplier in Ranelagh?
During heavy rainfall last November, the Bakers' cellar filled with four inches of water.
he spent years building up a remarkable cellar of aged Riojas