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celebrity / знаменитость, известность, знаменитый человек
имя существительное
celebrity, notability, eminence, luminary, notoriety, worthy
fame, renown, prominence, notoriety, celebrity, repute
знаменитый человек
celebrity, notability
имя существительное
a famous person.
Over the past few days various local celebrities and sports stars have called in to offer their support.
As long as they were near a main road, they could achieve national celebrity .
Elvis Presley has now been a dead celebrity longer than he was a living one.
His second career was in journalism, a field in which he achieved overnight celebrity as a war correspondent.
And when it comes to celebrity endorsements, Kerry seems to have the edge.
Yet for all his international celebrity , Paolozzi never lost touch with his roots.
Anna claims to have been largely unaware of her father's celebrity until she was 12.
he became a sporting celebrity
Despite origins far more humble than his relatives, Sir Alec achieved international celebrity and staggering wealth.
I learnt young that if you wanted someone to give you something, celebrity worked wonders.
Shrewd and fiercely honest, Fanny scorned the cheapness of her newfound celebrity .