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celebrated / знаменитый, прославленный
имя прилагательное
famous, renowned, celebrated, illustrious, famed, noted
famous, renowned, celebrated, illustrious, famed, featured
имя прилагательное
greatly admired; renowned.
a celebrated mathematician
publicly acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.
they were celebrating their wedding anniversary at a restaurant
perform (a religious ceremony) publicly and duly, in particular officiate at (the Eucharist).
he celebrated holy communion
honor or praise publicly.
a film celebrating the actor's career
The old woman is delighted by the safeguard of the inheritance of her uncle, the celebrated painter Paul Berthier.
Whenever his celebrated opera performances leave him time, Heppner tries to fit in a recital.
The celebrated gender gap is, in truth, largely a marriage gap among women.
In the celebrated sculptures, too, the space around the figure became a vital part of the work.
To these instances of artists I will add others of celebrated authors.
Cecil Hepworth was born on 19 March 1874 in Lambeth, South London, the son of celebrated magic lantern showman T.C. Hepworth.
The last point is illustrated by some of the most celebrated library architecture.
A celebrated playwright of South Africa, Athol Fugard began his career in a courtroom.
The musicians rarely appear outside of the capital where they can be found on a Tuesday night at the celebrated International Bar.
To help achieve ratification, he penned twenty-nine of the celebrated Federalist Papers.