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celebrant / священник
birthday boy
отправляющий церковную службу
имя существительное
a person who performs a rite, especially a priest at the Eucharist.
Marriage may be conducted by a celebrant , a Church priest, or a vicar.
a person who celebrates something.
This is not true of the birthday celebrant trying to wrestle a towering gift basket, swathed in a yellow bow that's bigger than she is, into the back of her SUV.
The organist often crackled or whined the Gregorian-chant hymns and the celebrant often hummed, mumbled, or whispered the Latin prayers.
On the twenty-first birthday, it is usual to present the celebrant with a symbolic silver key to adulthood.
In June 2005, it became legal for a humanist celebrant to perform marriages.
On Sunday, for example, the celebrant would read the biblical story of the resurrection of the Lord.
Marriage may be conducted by a celebrant , a Church priest, or a vicar.
I sat back bewildered, focusing somehow on the bare toes and the edges of sandal straps visible beneath the celebrant 's cassock.
On the way out of the church, I stopped and told the celebrant that it was the best sermon I had ever heard in my life.
The celebrant was the parish priest, Fr. Laurence Cullen.
The ceremony is an evening one, and will commence with the procession around the Island, reciting the Rosary, and ending with Mass in the Church, and the celebrant will be Bishop Eamon Walsh.
She's the resident celebrant who marks the rites of passage for the community, according to their wishes and to their chosen, often eclectic, spiritual beliefs.