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celeb / знаменитость
имя существительное
a celebrity.
a TV celeb
Not only do these people help the celeb select the best looks and styles, they help them maintain them.
a TV celeb
a TV celeb
I catch a glimpse of a celeb in heavy makeup and not enough clothes.
There are many Scots who prefer their celebs to stay at home.
His friends enjoyed themselves and you got the feeling the celebs were only nit-picking because they were expected to.
You know, the sort of offers that rock stars and sporting celebs would get.
The celebs ' names may not be on the bottles, but their choice of scent gives us a sneak peek into who they are.
There are surprisingly few photos available of local celebs on the Net.
If you want to mingle with celebs and people who think they are all that, then I guess this is the place to be.