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celadon / цвет морской волны, светлый серовато-зеленый цвет
имя существительное
цвет морской волны
celadon, aquamarine, sea-green
светлый серовато-зеленый цвет
имя существительное
a willow-green color.
paneling painted in celadon green
Related colors include Aero Blue, reminiscent of a sky at dusk, and Wasabi, a sheer wash of celadon .
a large celadon dish
One large celadon work of a 17th century Portuguese figure on the wall has some cracks that occurred during the journey from the country.
The Koryo celadon , dating back to the Koryo state, is famous for its beauty and exquisite color.
Korea is known for its ceramics, especially the celadon .
The lounge is elegance incarnate, with its warm woods, smooth marble, soothing colours and fabrics of salmon and celadon .
His antiques are still there, his celadon collection and his wine cellar.
The calming sound of water tickled the ear while it trickled from a metal candy-cane-shaped faucet into the marble bathtub to form a deep celadon green sea that would ease even the most extreme case of midterm anxiety.
In it the pale celadon framing element surrounds an only slightly darker green ground.
Then put the above advice to work in the reverse: choose a celadon green sofa, with cushions in brick red and celadon , or in deep gold and brick red.