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ceilidh / кейли
имя существительное
a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling.
Yet Highland culture continues to flourish through the Gaelic language, piping, ceilidhs (informal gatherings with traditional music, dancing and poetry) and a full schedule of Highland games.
The other day, the adults were having a ceilidh and he had danced with her.
And it was a ceilidh , celebrating the survival of a bad past and the possibility of a better future.
We are having a traditional ceilidh dancefest, complete with twelve-piece band.
Tickets for the event are £2 with entrance to the ceilidh an extra £6.
We finally managed to get out of the house yesterday evening, after saying cheerio to Neil and Kate in the afternoon, and ventured up to the community centre, where there was a traditional ceilidh on.
The evening will be rounded off by The Little Biggar Band, a three-piece group, joined by a few friends, for a traditional Scottish ceilidh .
We spent the entire night dancing at a ceilidh last week.
Other events include a family ceilidh , the annual ski and snowboard race day, culminating in a dinner-dance in October.
We had 70 guests, a rip-roaring ceilidh (dances interspersed with Pink Floyd and Beatles Numbers), and haggis for a starter!
One morning I went down to the kitchen early, a bit sleepy after a night at the ceilidh , and started baking bread and scones as usual.