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cavort / скакать, прыгать
jump, skip, leap, dance, cavort, spring
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, cavort
jump or dance around excitedly.
spider monkeys leap and cavort in the branches
They appear to be sexual predators, ready to leap from the interior, domestic space to cavort lasciviously in the external realm of military men.
When the dolphins appear the passengers hang onto buoy lines and squeal with delight as the mammals leap and cavort nearby.
spider monkeys leap and cavort in the branches
Are you stuck away in your booth, while kids half your age cavort the night away?
People walk across the water; they cavort , splash, dance - and finally someone falls from a great height and vanishes entirely.
In the Dance section, both dancers cavort with foam-stuffed doppelganger dummies that allow them to dance with themselves or drag and pitch their partners into the wings.
‘Soccer’ is a sport where grown men cavort and prance.
Maybe when they choose their next leader they will select one who will not cavort like a buffoon with football fans.
Around him, the demons dance, cavorting , whispering, dancing, muttering.
The film helps debunk a recent media report that many of the players were banished to mines and farms for cavorting at a ‘wild party with foreign ladies’ before their defeat by Portugal.