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caving / выдалбливать, обрушивать кровлю
hollow, hollow out, gouge, cave, scoop, indent
обрушивать кровлю
explore caves as a sport.
Most of the Polish cavers we caved with were hard.
Hopefully, you have all had a summer full of adventure - in particular full of exciting caving .
Over the past 40 years Bewerley Park instructors have given hundreds of young people their first experience of caving .
Older people who are keen to stay active are being offered the challenge of caving , gorge walking and canoeing all in the same week.
It is the epitome of Dales Caving, and is sporting vertical caving at its very best.
That's not to say that caving isn't something for a beginner.
By now caving was the main thing in my life and I was getting ambitious.
to go caving
Thanks to Rich and Dave for a cracking re-introduction in to the world of caving .
Some examples of the specialized equipment typically used in vertical caving are shown below.
Sam had told me that if I wasn't impressed by this then I should give up caving .