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cavil / придираться, кляузничать, находить недостатки
carp, find fault, fault, cavil, pick on, quarrel
находить недостатки
cavil, carp, crab, haggle
имя существительное
chicane, cavil, chicanery, niggle, quibbling, nip
cavil, closure
coupling, cavil
имя существительное
a objection seen as petty or unnecessary.
But although I sympathise with almost all of what Todorov says, and applaud his achievement in saying it, I have a minor cavil about the way he gets his argument going.
make petty or unnecessary objections.
they caviled at the cost
Ancona is especially fed up with critics who cavil that ‘if you're doing impressions, you're not acting’.
Many soreheads and unsympathetic people will probably cavil that this is pretty darn cool and lots of people don't get to go to Australia and experience such a beautiful land and have all these wonderful adventures.
My only gripe, and who am I to cavil at Shakespeare, is that Pacino and Irons do such a good job that the jiggery pokery at the end about rings and sworn faithfulness seems an irritant.
This is part of the child/parent relationship and in the ideal family, the children won't cavil at this.
It is a little late for them to cavil about the details having delayed 11 years on delivering it.
My only cavil is that Rachel Blues's design has none of the ‘dinginess ‘specified in the stage directions.’
However much critics may cavil , audiences seem happy.
But while some may cavil at this, others may think it gives The Making Of Scotland character and a certain naive charm.
The opening poem, for example, Durer, Innsbruck, 1495, despite an occasional lapse which criticism might cavil at, is a very fine poem which would do credit to any anthology and to most poets.
My only cavil , and this is one I level against many restaurants, is that there is a separate charge for bread which, as you are given no option to refuse it, becomes a cover charge by another name.