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cavernous / кавернозный, пещеристый, полостной
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
like a cavern in size, shape, or atmosphere.
a cavernous warehouse
Only the cavernous prayer hall is reminiscent of traditional Tibet.
The huge, cavernous interiors of Christian cathedrals dwarf us into silent wonder and then the acoustics have their way.
Boxes emerged from closets, beneath beds, and from the cavernous depths of Mother's storage house.
Suddenly, a drum corps thunders to life, and the students hustle into a cavernous hall, where they snap to attention.
Radiation and winds emanating from the star have sculpted the Trifid cloud into its current cavernous shape.
She gestured toward a cavernous meeting hall full of clerics and bishops.
We arrived in the large, cavernous space that had very few customers and zero atmosphere.
An hour later Kerry was standing in a cavernous Philadelphia conference hall.
Walking into the cavernous turbine hall you're faced with a huge brightly lit sun on the opposite wall.
The atmosphere created in the cavernous Palau Sant Jordi was extraordinary.