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cavern / пещера, каверна, карстовая пустота
имя существительное
cave, cavern, grotto, den, hollow, grot
cavity, cavern, vug
карстовая пустота
имя существительное
a cave, or a chamber in a cave, typically a large one.
The cavern is a natural cave carved into the rock by the sea, and widened into an underground canal by human hands.
Green lasers fire wire frame shapes across the dark, immense cavern of the Apollo.
Today, it is a hollow cavern offering a grim sanctuary for families displaced by their country's unending war.
Through the tunnels we went, until we entered a large cavern .
The challenge was to abseil through a vertical fissure, with lights off, into a large underground cavern .
Further down the cavern is the St. Joseph's Cave, where Joseph had a dream in which an angel warned him to flee to Egypt.
rouses me from the cavern of sleep
I feel like I am shouting into a huge empty cavern .
The world is too unpredictable an arena, the mind of the wicked too dark a cavern .
"Sounds like water, " Thaniel replied as they entered a large cavern .
With all rear seats in place, the boot is quite small but soon transforms into a vast cavern .