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caveman / пещерный человек, троглодит
имя существительное
пещерный человек
caveman, troglodyte, cave-dweller
troglodyte, caveman, cave-dweller
имя существительное
a prehistoric man who lived in caves.
To illustrate the point, he told a story of a group of cavemen living in prehistoric times.
As we were talking, he joined in the loading of foliage onto the fire. There's something satisfyingly social about a fire. People are drawn to it as some primal gene kicks in taking us back to our caveman sensibilities.
The key is to trigger the creatine ‘multiplier’ embedded in our DNA since our caveman past.
They aren't always attracted to the hypermasculinized, bushy-eyebrowed, wide-jawed caveman type, flush with testosterone.
His tools are as raw and primitive as a caveman 's: extreme pace, muscle and not much else.
As for the caveman style headlines, I actually get a kick out of them sometimes.
A jealous pimp removes the caveman stud from the picture by employing Ben as a drug mule.
Blame your beer belly on your caveman ancestors.
In prehistoric times, when the first caveman consciously struck a musical note with a rock against metal, there was silence in the cave for a short time afterwards.
We must first realize, though, that there is a difference between the caveman lifestyle and our own.
Her husband John - whose surname she adopted on their ninth wedding anniversary, in celebration of her ‘surrender’ - sits in on the interview, but shows no signs of domineering caveman tendencies.