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caveat / предостережение, протест
имя существительное
warning, caution, caveat, admonition, precaution, admonishment
protest, outcry, objection, revolt, caveat, remonstrance
имя существительное
a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.
But it is also liberally sprinkled with caveats and warnings as to the difficulties in turning up more evidence.
I want to make a proviso, a caveat , that we may have slipped past earlier.
One sees the point that is raised, but one can also see the caveat that has been put forward in the terms of the tenancy agreement to which I have referred.
Further, the forest department too, was asked to file a caveat before the High Court to prevent the encroachers from obtaining a stay.
As a second caveat , I also reserve the right to say no to a book, if I'm really opposed to it for some reason or another.
When the Sheriff Clerk receives a petition against which a caveat has been lodged, it is his responsibility to give intimation to the caveator.
According to the next sentence, the wife could have registered what we would call a caveat and she could only do that if she had a proprietary interest.
The caveat regarding government figures is a necessary health warning.
But in America, we choose to ignore the caveat about conditions at our peril.
Later the script began to talk of keeping vaccination ‘under review’ followed by a caveat listing its limitations.
Despite all these caveats , it is true that many readers will be surprised to learn that there were many more British soldiers killed at Gallipoli than Australian.