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cave-in / обрушение
имя существительное
failure, cave-in
имя существительное
a collapse of a roof or similar structure, typically underground.
a mine cave-in
The cave-in at the Xuzhou Coal Mine Group-operated mine was caused by a sudden in-rush of water.
The president's HIV / AIDS policy is a cave-in to the right wing.
But the most vocal opposition to the plan has come from figures within the Republican Party, who have denounced it as a cave-in to the Democrats because it does not go far enough in padding the pockets of big business.
Their cave-in regarding the setting up of the Garzweiler II nuclear power station and their acceptance of open-cast mining certainly cost them votes, and not just in this region.
In 1876, a freak mine cave-in exposed a valuable body of gold, and the Standard Consolidated Mining Company responded with a large investment in equipment and lumber.
The cave-in started in the first over with Scott Richardson's slash at Graeme Welch ending up in Christopher Bassano's hands at gully.
The investigators believe that it was bombs destroying the mine, not a natural cave-in .
Firms are also expecting a government cave-in on the working time directive, under which the right of employers and employees to negotiate special arrangements would go.
a mine cave-in
If this was a cave-in, it was a cave-in with a purpose.