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cavalry / кавалерийский
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
cavalry, horse, arme, arme blanche
cavalry, horse
имя существительное
(in the past) soldiers who fought on horseback.
His army's main power was based on his cavalry - horse borne soldiers.
He had infantry, cavalry , arquebusiers, Cossacks and many Tartars, with heavy artillery, which was shipped down the Volga.
William's plan was to use the archers first to send their arrows into the English ranks, followed by the infantry in hand-to-hand combat and to finally advance with the cavalry who had the height and power of being on horseback.
The day was won when the massed crusader cavalry charged and forced Saladin to withdraw.
How much force structure (in armored cavalry squadrons and regiments) do we have dedicated to reconnaissance and surveillance?
Several armored cavalry regiments (brigade equivalents) could be kept as independent units.
Infantry battalion and artillery and cavalry commanders required extensive coaching as well.
It was a classic example of a successful Highland charge, but Bonnie Dundee was killed as he led his cavalry into the firing line, and the rebellion petered to a halt within months.
The infant service had to count on its own people - mostly young infantry and cavalry officers and enlisted men - for direction.
The heavy cavalry troop can reconnoiter up to a 10-kilometer-wide zone or up to two routes simultaneously.
At least three battalions of troops, a cavalry corps and 12 armed vehicles were deployed to secure the site soon after the announcement of the temporary closure on March 9.