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cautionary / предостерегающий, предупреждающий
имя прилагательное
warning, cautionary, premonitory, admonitory, monitory
warning, anticipatory, cautionary
имя прилагательное
serving as a warning.
a cautionary tale
There is something of the cautionary tale to this piece, but it's done without an ounce of preachiness.
A barrister tells a cautionary tale from Australia, on the dangers of creating a crime of incitement to religious hatred.
ACT New Zealand will support this legislation but we would like to sound this cautionary warning.
This has been but a cautionary tale, intended as a word of warning to all you who pursue careers in music.
Fritz is a darkly comic cautionary tale warning of the danger of consumerism and entrepreneurial greed.
But although there is much that is brutal here, it is really a cautionary tale about choice and the danger of nursing anger.
But, this is a cautionary tale that we should be very careful to look at with eyes wide open.
Brandys then issued a cautionary warning which seems very important to me, and is too often overlooked.
Yet all the words of warning and cautionary tales cannot dent his ambition to do something out of the ordinary.
This is a cautionary tale about what happens when you allow innuendo to sully your life.