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cauterize / прижечь, прижигать, клеймить
cauterize, burn, sear, sere
brand, stigmatize, stamp, cauterize, blaze, impress
burn the skin or flesh of (a wound) with a heated instrument or caustic substance, typically to stop bleeding or prevent the wound from becoming infected.
The man cauterized the wound, stopping the blood loss.
Where did they find the instruments needed to cauterize wounds?
I'll freeze the hand and cauterize the wound
The heat cauterizes the wound; there's little chance for infection
Any bleeding is immediately cauterized with an arthroscopic electrocautery tip.
Another option is electrosurgical cauterization of the diseased tissue, which can be performed to treat implants found during laparoscopy; however, the implants can recur after only one or two years.
All of her wounds had been cauterized by the flash burns, which kept her from bleeding to death.
The man cauterized the wound, stopping the blood loss.
On rare occasions, a nose bleed may require cauterization , which is done by the ENT surgeons.
These vibrations cut and coagulate tissue simultaneously at far lower temperatures than cauterisation , thus reducing lateral thermal tissue damage.
During lung transplantation, careful ligation and cauterization of these vessels is necessary to allow dissection of the pulmonary vessels and main bronchi and to prevent bleeding in the postoperative course.