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causeway / дамба, тротуар, гать
имя существительное
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, seawall
sidewalk, pavement, footpath, causeway, footway, sideway
causeway, dike, levee, lock, causey, dam
pave, causeway, causey
строить дамбу
causeway, causey
строить плотину
causeway, causey
имя существительное
a raised road or track across low or wet ground.
The ceremonial centres included temples, pyramids, ball-courts, palaces, and plazas, usually linked by causeways or wide paved roads.
Looking out, tumblers in hand, we watched as the waves slid over the causeway , smoothing away our bootprints and the already fading tracks of the funeral cars.
Don't miss the walk across the causeway to the Île de Callot - or the low tide for your return.
At the end of the causeway the road started to slope upwards.
Join this track following a causeway all the way across the reed beds of the Moss.
A short walk along the causeway to Horrid Hill is a must, followed by a longer walk along the tideline to the reedbeds at Motney Hill RSPB Reserve.
She never returned and was found in Scarden Beg on a rough area of ground close to the causeway that leads out to the island.
Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula to which it is connected by a causeway carrying a road and railway.
The debate also cast doubt about whether taxis have been charging too much for long rides from the causeway to Apex or Road To Nowhere.
an island reached at low tide by a causeway
Caravans tied to the ground with strong chains, and spume blowing over the causeways which link South and North Uist bear testament to the power of the wind and sea.