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causative / причинный, каузативный, каузальный
имя прилагательное
causal, causative
causal, causative, factive, factitive
имя существительное
понудительный залог
имя прилагательное
acting as a cause.
a causative factor
имя существительное
a causative verb.
What is more, even when this distinction has been drawn, the denotations of the gerundive phrases often remain ambiguous, especially when the verbs whose nominalizations appear in these phrases are causatives .
It is not simply a case of arguing in Weberian fashion that each of these relations exercise reciprocal and causative influence.
It was in response to this that Tuckey LJ, with whom the other two members of this court agreed, held that the court could take account of other factors as well as those which were strictly causative .
She portrays nurses as patient advocates and defends nurses who have made medication errors, explaining that hospital understanding and nursing shortages can be causative factors.
Milk is a causative factor in most health problems plaguing Americans consuming the Basic American Diet.
The high intensity of exposure to asbestos fibers is the most plausible causative factor responsible for a higher rate of respiratory diseases that occurred among miners and millers from Thetford-Mines.
They would prefer to see events in India in 1947 as the real causative factors of the decline of the Empire.
On the one hand, the fact that many causative action verbs imply a means - end structure to the actions they describe seems to favour analysis.
Human immunodeficiency virus is a causative agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome disease.
There are several causative factors for cancer.
A causative role for AHA3 in male gametogenesis was proven by complementation with a normal transgenic gene and rescue of the mutant phenotype back to wild type.