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causation / причинность, причинная связь, причинение
имя существительное
causality, causation
причинная связь
causality, causation
имя существительное
the action of causing something.
investigating the role of nitrate in the causation of cancer
A jury could reasonably decide that causation had been established, given the evidence.
He demanded that an adequate explanation of a correlation or process should specify all four aspects of causation .
The criteria for determining causation of serious events were not stated.
Time travel, entailing as it does backward causation , does not involve changing the past.
The courts do not appear to have grappled with the principles of causation specifically in relation to omissions.
In conclusion, this study has shown smoking as the principle risk factor in the causation of lung cancer among men.
If you apply the statistics, you will find correlation, even if there is no causation .
As often is the case, a problem covering omission will also involve a consideration of causation .
Another version of the first kind of strategy is to clarify the notion of causation involved in the argument.
The question of connection occupies the bulk of the vast literature on causation .