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caucus / предвыборное совещание, партийное собрание, партийное руководство
имя существительное
предвыборное совещание
партийное собрание
партийное руководство
имя существительное
a meeting of the members of a legislative body who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy.
An opposition party's legislative caucus can coordinate its members in policy promotion.
a group of people with shared concerns within a political party or larger organization.
During the eighties and nineties, self-defined conservative caucuses and organizations have operated within the Republican Party inside and outside of Congress.
hold or form a caucus.
Inside they were all there, a big blob of nasty Iowans, caucusing away in one big terrifying ugly caucus.
He should use every single member of his caucus and not just his cabinet, assigning them government business, mentoring them, but letting them do the actual work.
Not a single Senate Democrat called for Lott to step down as Republican leader until Lott's position began to crumble within his own caucus .
Gomba then asked that the ANC be allowed to caucus .
However, the party's legislative caucus countered the media reports during a press conference yesterday morning.
Party members had no opportunity to comment on these radical new ideas because Harris never allowed the booklet or its policies to be debated at a party meeting or a caucus of Conservative MPPs.
The party's headquarters and its legislative caucus thus become ‘outsiders’ in the regime.
I know how the Democrats got my number - probably when I attended the democratic caucus last year.
he could no longer count on the support of a majority of the parliamentary caucus
He started a fire within his own caucus that is now burning out of control.
Instead they caucus , create alliances and manoeuvre against each other - saving particular relish for attacking members of their own side.